Darling and Valero make progress on SAF project

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Darling Ingredients Inc. and Valero Energy Corporation have announced that the companies have made a final investment decision on a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) project.
The project at the Diamond Green Diesel (DGD) Port Arthur plant, which is owned and operated by Diamond Green Diesel Holdings, is a 50/50 joint venture between Valero and Darling.
Upon completion of the project, which is expected in 2025, the DGD Port Arthur plant will have the capability to upgrade approximately 50% of its current 470 million gallon annual production capacity to SAF.
The project's estimated cost is approximately $315 million (€289 million), with half of that attributable to Darling Ingredients. With the completion of this project, DGD is expected to be one of the largest SAF manufacturers in the world.
"As one of the largest and most-successful producers of renewable diesel for nearly a decade, it's exciting to enter the next phase of our growth in the aviation market," said chairman and CEO Randall C. Stuewe.
"Darling Ingredients' global supply chain of waste fats and oils, combined with our partner's operational and technical expertise, position us as a leader in decarbonisation solutions."

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