Crowning glory

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Crown Iron Works is paving the way on pretreatment of fats, oils, and alternative feedstocks for the renewable fuels industry.
While many of these feedstocks have been around for ages, only in recent decades have they been transformed into high quality transportation fuels.
In the early 2000s, biodiesel was gaining popularity. Crown adapted its core oils and fats technology into a simplified pretreatment system specifically for preparing feedstocks for biodiesel production.
This was a natural progression to complement Crown’s Biodiesel Transesterification process technology and resulted in dozens of plants built for clients across North and South America and overseas.

Expansion programme

Fast forward 15 years from the peak of the biodiesel gold rush to the next boom  -renewable diesel.
While there are some important differences for this next generation biofuel, it is hard to ignore that the biodiesel industry paved the way.
Not only in terms of process technology, but also feedstock supply, feedstock quality, federal tax credits, blending regulations, cold weather fuel system limitations, etc.
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