Council approves plan for new SAF refinery in England

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Willis Sustainable Fuels has revealed that Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council has approved the plans for its Carbonshift PtL SAF refinery project at Teesworks in Tees Valley, England.
The approval is a critical step in the development of the refinery project, which is currently estimated to have annual production capacity of fourteen kilotons (approximately five million gallons) of power-to-liquid (PtL) SAF.
Recently, the project was awarded a £4.7 million (€5.5 million) grant from the UK Department for Transport (DfT) Advanced Fuels Fund competition in support of its commitment to meet the growing demand for sustainable aviation solutions and contribute to a collective effort towards a more sustainable future for global aviation.
"We're thrilled to have the Reserved Matters Planning Application approved, marking a pivotal step in our project and our commitment to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the UK and global aviation sector," expressed Austin Willis, CEO of WLFC.
"We're poised to dive into action, collaborating closely with our partners at Teesworks to bolster the UK’s SAF pipeline."
“It is exciting to set forth on this ground-breaking project. We are grateful for our partners at Teesworks and the DfT for supporting the advanced fuels sector,” said Stephanie Sutherland, WLFC’s director of corporate development.
Willis Sustainable Fuels (UK) Limited's Carbonshift PtL process is targeted to produce SAF that can be seamlessly blended with conventional jet fuel for immediate use with existing commercial aircraft engines.
Aligned with the UK government's stated vision, this SAF project would be integral in actualizing the UK’s target of having a minimum of five commercial-scale SAF plants under construction by 2025.
Furthermore, it directly bolsters the international aviation community's ambitious pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

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