Corn, ethanol industries partner with fuel retailers to offer E15 in North Dakota

The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council (NDCUC) has teamed up with the North Dakota Ethanol Council (NDEC) to implement an expansion programme for Unleaded88, or E15 fuel, in the state.

The goal of the North Dakota Unleaded88 Expansion Program is to partner with fuel retailers to provide the higher octane fuel, which contained 15% ethanol (E15) and 85% gasoline.

Matching grant dollars from the NDCUC will be available until 30 June 2020 to fuel retailers who wish to implement infrastructure needed to offer the ethanol fuel blend.

Unleaded88 has been approved by the US Government for all conventional light-duty vehicles, model 2001 and newer, which make up around 90% of the all the light-duty vehicles currently on the road.

“North Dakota’s five ethanol plants purchase 40-60% of the state’s corn crop annually, providing a significant value- added market opportunity for North Dakota’s agricultural producers,” said Terry Wehlander, chairman of the NDCUC. “Expanding the availability of Unleaded88 creates more market stability when the agriculture industry is struggling with a number of significant uncertainties.”

“Offering Unleaded88 at additional fuel retail stations across the state is beneficial for consumers and our rural communities,” added Jeff Zueger, chairman of the NDEC. “We look forward to working with the state’s fuel retailers and the Corn Council on this important programme.”

Funds will be awarded to fuel retailers under the programme on a first-come-first serve basis. They can be used for dispensers, piping, hardware and signage for the distribution of ethanol blends of Unleaded88 or higher.

Retailers who receive a grant will be required to offer the ethanol fuel bend for at least 24 months.

“It is our hope that this programme be mutually beneficial for our North Dakota fuel retailers, consumers, and farmers,” commented Jean Henning, NDCUC executive director. “We are looking forward to a positive response from retailers and prompt development of the Unleaded88 infrastructure state-wide.”

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