Corn dry fractionation – a breakthrough in diversification

The concentrated starch stream
The concentrated starch stream
The corn-based ethanol industry is about to get a much-needed boost.
New breakthroughs in corn dry fractionation are going to provide a tremendous boost to yields and the bottom line. Cereal Process Technologies (CPT) uses dry fractionation technology prior to the ethanol process to separate components without liquids.
The technology is operational in four commercial facilities, including a commercial ethanol plant and a pilot facility.
It is proven technology with new developments that greatly enhance the value.
CPT is now interested in developing partnerships in the US and around the globe with forward-thinking companies.
How does it work?
Dry fractionation occurs without water. There is no drying and there is no wastewater. The goal of dry fractionation really is to focus on high value products.
Fractionation allows diversification of revenue streams to protect against the decline of the primary revenue stream - ethanol.
There are warning signals as to why we should diversify. Ethanol and ethanol prices are under continuous attack. It is an ongoing process and it is something the company must deal...

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The concentrated starch stream