CNC Petroleum provides alternative bunker fuel

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CNC Petroleum, a subsidiary of PS Energy Group, now distributes MGO B20 - a sustainable bunker fuel option to coastal and marine customers.
A blend of standard MGO and biodiesel, MGO B20 is distributed at the company’s floating kiosk, which is located off the buoy the West Coast Pier.
It is currently the only kiosk station, out of the four kiosks operated by CNC Petroleum, that offers this biofuel.
The company’s three other kiosk locations include its coastal dedicated station at Penjuru jetty, the floating kiosk Garene II located off buoy the South Marina Pier, and its newest floating kiosk location off the coast in Pulau Ubin served by Garene I.
PS Energy has been stamped with the globally recognised International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), providing the assurance to marine customers of the full traceability and sustainability of the biofuel component in the company’s biodiesel offerings.
CNC Petroleum’s MGO B20 use only sustainably sourced used cooking oil methyl ester (UCOME) as its biofuel component.
In addition to MGO B20, the company also offers MGO B7 (93% MGO / 7% biodiesel) and blends customized to specific customer requirements.
Sean Chua, the group’s managing director, said: “With this expansion of our sustainable fuel offerings to our coastal and marine business, we are providing our customers the option to align with global trends and the Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development including the ambitious target to reduce the GHG emissions from maritime industry by at least 50% by year 2050.”


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