Clean Air Biodiesel joins forces with Clean Fuels Ohio

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Clean Air Biodiesel, Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer, has become a member of Columbus-based coalition Clean Fuels Ohio.

Clean Fuels Ohio is a national Clean Cities Coalition that provides unbiased resources and information to stakeholders. The organisation provides insight on transport solutions that allow fleets and other implementers to achieve their goals around alternative fuels, sustainability, fuel savings strategies, and mobility solutions.

Clean Air Biodiesel has joined the group as a gold level member, along with other leading companies like Duke Energy, Honda, Cummins, Ohio Soybean Council, RNG Coalition and the American Biogas Council. The new biodiesel producer is scaling up production to produce more than 25 million gallons of biodiesel annually.

“We’re so excited to have Clean Air Biodiesel Group join Clean Fuels Ohio as a member,” said Rachel Ellenberger, director of business development and communications at Clean Fuels Ohio.

“As a fuel and technology-inclusive organisation, we are happy to work with a wide and diverse group of members that touch every corner of the transportation sustainability industry.

“Biodiesel is an important solution to help fleets and other implementers achieve significant emissions reductions in a very cost-effective way. We can’t wait to see all we can achieve through this new partnership.”

Bruce Burke, director of marketing for Clean Air Biodiesel, commented: “We’re aware of some great organisations that we could join forces with to help reduce carbon emissions in the state of Ohio, but we reached out to Clean Fuels Ohio first. Their association with the US National Clean Cities Coalition is of great importance to us.

“As we build and expand our enterprise, the Clean Cities groups will become extremely important. We want to align ourselves with the nation’s largest collection of advocates for advancing clean fuels.”

In addition to joining Clean Fuels Ohio, Clean Air Biodiesel recently announced a waste cooking oil reclamation and recycling initiative for the City of Columbus. The organisation is Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer with a new 30,000 square-foot facility opening this autumn.

The new facility in Columbus will house the waste oil collection programme, the biodiesel production line, administrative offices, and warehousing and product distribution. Restaurants, food trucks, and other businesses who need collection services can contact Clean Air Biodiesel. The company will also be building 24-hour waste cooking oil collection bins around the city and outside its headquarters for drop-off.

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