Chinese firm to build $9 million ethanol processing plant in Zambia

Chinese company Zhongkai International has launched an ethanol processing plant in central Zambia, as reported by Chinese news agency Xinhau.

The plant, which will cost $9 million (€8 million), will help the country to tackle fuel source problems and alleviate poverty, creating around 200 direct jobs.

Ethanol will be produced from agricultural feedstock, including cassava and maize, with by-products such as liquid fertiliser, biofuels and carbon dioxide also produced through the process.

The plant was commissioned by Zambian Vice-Presidnet Inonge Wina, who thanked Zhongkai for fulfilling its investment pledge.

"This plant has given us the commercial value of cassava and farmers will now need to take cassava growing seriously," Wina said, as quoted by Xinhau.

According to the Chinese ambassador to Zambia, Li Jie, the investment in the plant will help the African nation reduce its dependence on imported ethanol.

The investment is also likely to benefit other sectors, including transportation and service, with the creation of direct and indirect jobs.

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