China’s 'largest' air carrier flies on biofuel for first time

According to Xinhuanet News China Southern Airlines has announced that it has successfully completed its first intercontinental flight with aviation biofuel.

The Airbus A320neo single-aisle airplane was delivered from Toulouse, France to Guanazhou in southern China’s Guangdon Province through ferry flight. The flight used aviation fuel with 10% biofuel that was made from sugarcane, reports Xinhuanet News.

Ranking first in Asia and the third worldwide, the Guanzhou-based air carrier has a fleet of around 840 airplanes. It is China’s ‘largest’ air carrier with the biggest passenger capacity and air route network.

Xinhuanet News reports that to date, China Southern Airlines operates more than 3,000 flights to 224 destinations in more than 40 countries and regions. The company is pursuing green development and is paying close attention to the global aviation biofuel research and commercial application, particularly the aviation biofuel-tech in China.

The introduction of new engine models and the optimising of the air route network have been ways that China Southern Airlines’ air carrier has explored ways in which to raise energy use efficiency.  

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