Chemrec reaches green motor fuel milestone

Sweden-based Chemrec’s development plant in Piteå, Sweden, has now reached 10,000 accumulated operating hours producing syngas from biomass to produce second generation green motor fuels.

Chemrec's plant is the only gasification plant world-wide producing high-quality synthesis gas based on 100% renewable feedstock.

The development plant, DP-1, has a capacity of 20 tonnes of solids a day, is oxygen-blown and has an operating pressure of 30 bar(g). It gasifies black liquor, a by-product in the kraft process, using the Chemrec entrained-flow, high temperature technology.

This technology is unique in that it from a renewable feedstock in a single step achieves full char conversion and produces a gas which is very low in methane and tars, essential characteristics of synthesis gas for production of synthetic motor fuels or chemicals.

The results achieved in DP-1 are being used in the current scale-up of the technology to full commercial size gasifier units for 500 tonnes of solids a day.

The full-scale technology has in several independent evaluations been shown to provide uniquely high greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy efficiency and provide an opportunity for a very substantial second generation biofuels production.

In a separate activity, the BioDME project, Chemrec and its partners are adding a technical demonstration plant for the production of dimethyl ether (DME) to the DP-1 facility. The DME, a high performance second generation diesel fuel, will be used in fleet trials with heavy trucks by Volvo.

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