Cepsa awards new contract for second-generation biofuel plant

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Cepsa has awarded Técnicas Reunidas the contract for the detailed engineering of the largest second-generation (2G) biofuels plant in southern Europe.
Cepsa will be working alongside Bio-Oils, with an investment of up to €1 billion, at the La Rábida Energy Park in Huelva.
The new plant, which will use agricultural waste and used cooking oils as feedstock, will have two pretreatment units and a flexible production capacity of 500,000 tons of renewable diesel and SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) for use in air, sea, and land transport.
Técnicas Reunidas will develop the facility's engineering, procurement management, and construction management support.
Specifically, the scope of the work awarded to Técnicas Reunidas includes the renewable fuels unit (RFU), the amine regeneration unit (ARU), the acid water unit (SWS), and the service generation units, the interconnections, the storage tank farm, and the ship and tanker loading and unloading facilities.
Técnicas Reunidas will assign a team of more than 180 expert professionals and will dedicate some 500,000 hours of highly qualified personnel to carry out all phases of the engineering and procurement services for equipment and materials for the project, with support for construction management at Cepsa's request.
Emilia Arias, technology director of Técnicas Reunidas, said: "With this contract, Técnicas Reunidas strengthens its position in the field of the circular economy.
“These services will contribute to the definition of this emblematic plant, with high technological content. This project is part of the strategy implemented by Técnicas Reunidas to increase the number of service contracts."

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