Casterra to cultivate castor varieties at commercial scale

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Casterra Ag has announced it has entered into an agreement with one of the world’s leading energy companies to provide its castor varieties and cultivation techniques at a commercial scale for biofuel production.
Under the framework of the agreement, the initial focus is the purchase agreement of castor seed varieties from Casterra for growing castor in specific African territories and the provision of technical support.
The agreement also allows for the potential for long-term cooperation in castor cultivation between this customer and Casterra, with the potential for expansion into additional territories on the African continent.
Biofuels have significant advantages over conventional petrochemical fuels, primarily being a renewable source and biodegradable, with significantly less negative environmental impact than other alternative fuel sources.
Oil derived from the castor bean has further advantages as a source for biofuel over other vegetable oils, due to its higher proportion of energy-rich, fatty hydroxy-acids.
Additional advantages making it industrially useful include a low melting point and low solidification point, and castor has the most stable viscosity of any vegetable-derived oils.
Eyal Ronen, CEO of Casterra, said: “We are very proud to be supporting a major multinational energy company, one of the world’s seven supermajor oil companies, by providing our advanced castor seed varieties and guiding their activities in the castor cultivation arena.
“We strongly support the biofuel production based on castor oil, which has been proven to be a highly clean and effective source of renewable energy. This new agreement has significant potential for future growth and strengthens our position in the castor biofuel market.”


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