Casey’s General Stores to offer higher ethanol blends across US state of Nebraska

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Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) has teamed up with Casey’s General Stores in the US to offer drivers in the state of Nebraska increased access to higher blends of ethanol fuel.

Through its blender pump incentive infrastructure programme, NCB provided grant assistance to help Casey’s upgrade its existing fuel pumps to offer E15 – or Unleaded88 – a 15% ethanol blend. Twelve of Casey’s locations in Nebraska have already been upgraded.

“In an environmentally-conscious world, filling up with ethanol is an easy way for us all to do our part for the planet and our overall health,” said John Greer, District 2 director of NCB. “Ethanol is a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is less toxic than traditional gasoline, which is good for our air. By investing in our ethanol infrastructure, we’re not only working toward a greener world, but we’re also saving consumers money while boosting Nebraska’s economy. Ethanol is a win for everyone.”

In summer 2019, Casey’s added E15 infrastructure to over 60 of its locations. In Nebraska, the retailer also began offering the higher blend of E85, blended with 85% ethanol, at two of its stores – in Ogallala and Cozad.

“We’re offering Unleaded88 at more stores because our guests want it,” explained Jake Comer, fuel pricing manager at Casey’s. “The benefits of a lower price and higher octane are hard to argue with.”

David Bruntz, chairman of the NCB, added: “Unleaded88, or E15, is the most widely tested fuel ever. We know these fuels work well in vehicles and provide countless benefits. The Nebraska Corn Board has worked hard and will continue to work hard to ensure consumers have easy access to these options. We also applaud Casey’s for being an outstanding partner in this process.”