Carbon America launches commercial carbon capture and sequestration project at bioethanol facility

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Carbon America, the first vertically integrated carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) super developer, has reached an agreement with Bridgeport Ethanol to develop a carbon capture and storage project in Nebraska.
The project will capture and store approximately 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) per year, equivalent to 95% of total emissions from the ethanol facility’s fermentation process. This is the first commercial project of its kind in the state of Nebraska.
“We look forward to permanently removing 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually from the Bridgeport Ethanol plant, equivalent to taking 38,043 passenger vehicles off the road. And with new federal funding for carbon capture and sequestration projects – through the Inflation Reduction Act – carbon removal projects will play an even larger role helping the United States achieve our emission reduction goals,” said Brent Lewis, CEO and co-founder of Carbon America. “The Bridgeport carbon capture and storage project will safely divert CO₂ to a secure underground facility, benefiting local communities and the environment.”
This is Carbon America’s third agreement this year to finance, build, own and operate CCS systems at ethanol facilities.
As the second largest ethanol-producing state in the US., this project marks an important milestone for the Nebraska ethanol industry.
The project will enable Bridgeport Ethanol to reduce the carbon intensity of ethanol production, and increase their competitiveness in the market.
“Bridgeport Ethanol is pleased to be a leader in producing low carbon ethanol,” said Dave Kramer, president and founding member of Bridgeport Ethanol. “We look forward to working with Carbon America to reduce our carbon emissions at the Bridgeport ethanol plant. Carbon capture and storage increases the value of Bridgeport ethanol in the marketplace. Our ethanol and distillers grains are important contributors to our local farming and cattle business economics and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and their competitiveness.”
Carbon America plans to install carbon capture equipment that will extract CO₂ from the ethanol production process and transfer the gas via a new carbon dioxide pipeline to an underground geologic sequestration site near the plant.

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