CAAS sets up new €35 million aviation sustainability programme

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The Government will commit $50 million (€35 million) for the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to set up a new Aviation Sustainability Programme to support Singapore’s drive to develop a sustainable air hub.
The programme will provide up to 70% funding for sector-wide projects and up to 50% funding for company-level projects.
The setting up of the Aviation Sustainability Programme is another critical step in Singapore’s aviation sustainability journey.
In September 2022, the International Advisory Panel (IAP) on Sustainable Air Hub submitted a report, detailing 15 key initiatives across three key aviation domains of airport, airline, and air traffic management that Singapore could embark on as tangible pathways to decarbonise the aviation sector.
CAAS is studying the recommendations and will incorporate them into the development of the Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint.
CAAS plans to publish the blueprint later in the year to provide a decarbonisation roadmap for the Singapore air hub, with medium-term 2030 and longer-term 2050 targets and tangible pathways for achieving them.
Han Kok Juan, director general of CAAS, said: “Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to build sustainability as a new competitive advantage for the Singapore air hub.
“The new $50 million programme is a response to industry feedback and will provide a much-needed boost to our effort to decarbonise. It will help alleviate investment cost and catalyse and accelerate company-level projects. It will also facilitate sector-wide risk pooling, capability building and collaboration which will be how we can distinguish ourselves from other air hubs.”

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