Breitling and Swiss join forces to promote sustainable flying

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SWISS International and watchmaker Breitling have entered into an agreement where the luxury watchmaker will purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all its business-related flights.
Breitling aims to reduce its flight-related CO2 emissions by 80%.
“For us, sustainability is not a project, it’s a journey we’re on to transform our business,” said Georges Kern, CEO at Breitling. “Achieving CO2 neutrality on our work-related SWISS flights is an important way for us to reduce our emissions and, through the purchase of SAF, make a small contribution to the sustainability transition of the aviation industry, which we’ve been closely linked to since the 1930s.”
The SAF currently used by SWISS is produced from biogenic waste, such as used cooking oils, and results in 80% fewer CO2 emissions than the fossil fuel alternative.
Breitling is the official onboard timekeeper to SWISS, which, in 2021, became the first commercial airline to fly from Switzerland using SAF and is taking targeted actions to foster the further development of the green fuel and make it more broadly available.
The operator is also investing billions to purchase energy-efficient aircraft that reduce carbon emissions by 25% over their predecessors and continuously optimising its flight operations.
In this way, Breitling’s partnership with SWISS is not only reducing the watchmaker’s carbon footprint, but also contributing to the future of sustainable air travel.
Dieter Vranckx, CEO at SWISS, said: “With its commitment to SAF, Breitling is playing an exemplary pioneering role here. Collaborations like this are tangibly accelerating the production of sustainable aviation fuels and driving the transition towards CO2-neutral flying.”

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