Boeing to buy 5.6 million of gallons of SAF this year

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Boeing has agreements to purchase 5.6 million gallons (21.2 million litres) of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced by Neste to support its US commercial operations this year.
These agreements more than double the company's SAF procurement from 2022.
"We are demonstrating our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and catalyse the SAF industry," said Sheila Remes, Boeing vice president of Environmental Sustainability. "This SAF procurement makes up 25% of Boeing's total jet fuel needs for last year including our production, delivery, Boeing ecoDemonstrator, and Dreamlifter flights, and we aim to increase that portion in the years to come."
The purchase agreements include supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ which is blended with conventional jet fuel at a 30/70 ratio to produce the blended SAF. Neste MY SAF is made from 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials, such as cooking oil and animal fat waste, and meets strict sustainability criteria.
EPIC Fuels and Signature Aviation company will provide 2.3 million gallons and Avfuel will supply 300,000 gallons of this blended SAF for the Boeing ecoDemonstrator flight test program and the company's commercial sites in Washington state and South Carolina. Boeing is also purchasing an additional 3 million gallons of the same blended SAF from EPIC Fuels and Signature Aviation, generating emissions reduction credits for commercial deliveries, Dreamlifter and executive flights.
These benefits are generated by a book-and-claim process that displaces petroleum jet fuel with SAF in fuelling systems outside the company's fuel supply.

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