Biopharma Group acquires interest in inspection equipment provider Easytesters

Biopharma Group has announced the completed acquisition of a majority interest in Easytesters, a provider of HACCP inspection equipment.

Commenting on the acquisition, which was finalised in December 2019, Biopharma Group chairman Andrew Cowen said: “Joining forces through this acquisition, offers exciting opportunities for us to enter new markets, expand interests within the food and beverage industry and extend our range of innovative analytical instruments and regulatory testing available to our customers.”

Easytesters’ environmentally friendly technology systems help to reduce downtime and prevent contaminants from coming into contact with products in the food and liquid processing industries. The systems can address: the integrity and leak testing of heat exchangers; integrity of pasteurisation and heat treatment processes for product safety; and bacterial and pathogen disclosure.

The company’s technology is also capable of conducting integrity testing for holding tanks in liquid processes, with the systems available as either a service or as equipment to hire.

Easytesters founder Michael Bowling will remain a shareholder and continue to head up ongoing technology developments. Biopharma Group will take over the accounts and administration of the company.

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