Biogas to soar in Spain

Spain’s agricultural potential could prove more energetic than before.

The nation has the resources for agro-industrial biogas production of 8 billion m3 a year, a survey carried out by the Probiogas Project finds.

The biogas could be produced using the 83.5 million tonnes of agricultural by-products generated in Spain.

Spain produces 49 million tonnes a year of livestock by-products, with a potential of 2,400 million m3 a year, and 27 million tonnes of plant by-products with a biogas potential of 5,000 m3 a year.

Then there are 3.3 million tonnes a year of meat by-products with a potential of 100 million m3 a year, and 0.5 million tonnes of fish by-products (43.5 million m3 per year).

Finally, the annual 3.1 million tonnes of dairy by-products could generate 125.5 million m3 a year.

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