Biofuels producer expands facility

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A leading provider of low carbon biodiesel to the California market hosted a ribbon cutting event for its newly expanded facility in Barrio Logan.
New Leaf Biofuel collects used cooking oil from more than 2,000 local area restaurants and converts it into biodiesel - an ecofriendly alternative to petroleum diesel.
The new facility more than doubles the output of biofuel, from 5 million gallons to 12 million annually. Biodiesel results in 80% less carbon emissions than petroleum diesel.
“We take used cooking oil, a local, renewable resource something that was previously a waste product and upcycle it into a product that provides tremendous benefits to the local economy and the environment,” said founder & CEO Jennifer Case. “We have been planning this expansion for years, but when the restaurant industry started experiences closures in March 2020, we took the opportunity to accelerate construction to meet the growing demand for renewable fuels.”
The need for the facility expansion was fueled by the growing demand for biofuels from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the state’s carbon reduction policy, which incentivizes businesses to produce alternative fuels to lower the carbon intensity of the state’s transportation fuels. The facility expansion was partially funded by the California Energy Commission with the support of the City of San Diego, and includes new bioreactors, upgraded utilities, state of the art automation system and enhanced methanol recovery.
To date, New Leaf has produced over 30 million gallons of biodiesel and has enjoyed one of the lowest carbon intensity scores in the market.
“We love being able to give back to our community and help our whole region breathe a little easier,” said Case.