Biofuels gain more public attention

A recent survey conducted by the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project shows that 67% of US respondents are interested in learning more about renewable biofuels.

This public interest mainly came when oil prices started going up back in late 2007 and many as 66% people agreed that the use of biofuels will condense the US dependency on foreign oil.

Another 53% believed biofuels will have a positive impact on climate change trends by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Public perceptions about the positives of biofuels outweigh the negatives, but the corn-based ethanol industry needs to continue to make their case for why ethanol should be a part of the solution to address the long-term energy needs of the United States,’ says Bret Shaw, co-investigator of the study says.

The survey is part of the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project that brought together more than 60 researchers from 25 academic institutions, to conduct a study panel of 18,250 respondents throughout the US.

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