Biofuels conference pushed back to next March

The event will now take place in the new year
The event will now take place in the new year
The Biofuels International Conference and Expo that was due to take place in October has been moved to a the new date of 23 and 24 March next year due to the global pandemic.
It is hoped that life and business will have returned to some sense of normality by the originally slated date, but there is no guarantee of this.

Some organisations may still have travel restrictions on staff and a number of countries may continue to demand social distancing.
Even if businesses are back up and running there are a number of previously cancelled conferences and events that have now been pushed back to the latter part of the year.
To mitigate congestion and to free up what are likely to be very busy schedules the decision was made to put back the event.
Other events have also been postponed or cancelled.
The Jet Fuel Innovation Summit scheduled to take place in Houston, Texas, will now take place in the autumn/fall although a date has yet to be fixed.
The 9th Geneva Biofuels Conference will now happen on October 1.
The AOCS annual meeting and expo that was going to be held in Canada has been cancelled.
For the latest updates on future trade shows and conferences continue to visit our websites.
The event will now take place in the new year