Biodiesel to power lighting at Euro 2016

Greentech Biofuels, an Irish firm specialising in green energy solutions, has teamed up with Saint Etienne Metropole and Ondaine Agro in order to bring biofuel-powered floodlights to one of the stadiums hosting Euro 2016.

The three organisations will join forces to produce large amounts of biodiesel, which will be used to keep the floodlights at Stade Geoffroy Guichard lit throughout the various games which will be played there during the European football tournament.

A member of the Greentech Biofuels team said: “This is a very exciting new partnership, and a fantastic opportunity for Greentech Biofuels Ireland to showcase our work on a European stage. Working with Ondane Agro and the Metropole of Saint Etienne, we look forward to showing how simple switches to biofuel can save energy without compromising on light quality or consistency.”

The biodiesel used to fuel the floodlights of the Stade Geoffroy Guichard will be processed and produced using waste frying and cooking oils collected from restaurants and local business.

The waste oil will be turned into high grade biodiesel through esterification by Greentech's mobile biodiesel processor, which can produce up to 1,500l of B1OO (100%) high grade biodiesel per eight-hour day.

In the run up to the Euro 2016 event, Greentech will be working with Ondane Agro to demonstrate one of their prototype systems, which will produce up to 750l of biodiesel per eight-hour day.

After the demonstrations, Greentech will deliver a brand new state-of-the-art biodiesel processor later in 2016, which will produce EN14214-grade biodiesel.

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