Biodiesel producers suffer as cooking oil supplies are hit

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has hit European used cooking oil supplies (UCO).
Biodiesel producers who used UCO have confirmed that contracts for March have been fulfilled and plants are continuing to run smoothly.
But as the scale of the pandemic continues to bite, producers have raised concerns that there could be a fall of 70-90 % of UCO in the coming months.
This is as deliveries are hampered by restrictions imposed to try and control the spread of Covid-19.
However, it is thought that bigger organisations abd companies will largely be able to maintain their supplies of UCO.
Chinese exports of UCO were badly affected by the pandemic early in the new year but this has spread to European countries as the continent feels the full force of the disease.
European Union imports of UCO as 2020 dawned were about 145,000 tonnes, but this latest data is from the start of the year, before the impact of the virus hit hard.

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