Biden’s 2030 emissions target backed by biofuels organisation

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US President Joe Biden announcement of a 50 to 52% emissions reduction target from 2005 levels by 2030 has been welcomed.
This is part of the US’s new Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement with reference to low carbon renewable fuels as part of the strategy to tackle climate change and meet the country’s commitment under the pact.
American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) CEO Brian Jennings issued a statement saying renewable fuels was a ‘significant solution’ to the issue of cutting carbon emissions.
He said: “Renewable fuels like ethanol are a significant part of the solution to climate change and should be part of US commitments to contribute to global emissions reductions under the Paris Agreement.
“The mention of renewable fuels is welcome in President Biden’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases.
“Today’s corn ethanol is next generation or advanced biofuel based on its ability to reduce GHGs by 50% compared to gasoline.”
He added: “In fact, ethanol is the only transportation energy source that can reach net-negative carbon intensity through carbon capture and sequestration and continued advancements within ethanol facilities and on-farm practices in how biofuel crops are grown.
“Other countries have initiated national ethanol policies as part of their countries’ global initiatives to decarbonise transportation fuels, and US biofuel producers are ready to play a larger role in meeting these targets here and around the world.”