BGW installs Whitefox bioethanol system

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Whitefox Technologies has revealed that BGW has installed Whitefox ICE®-XL technology at its 108 MLPY plant in Rąbczyn and is producing both fuel grade and high grade ethanol.
BGW is the first European fuel ethanol customer to install this technology.
This is a big step for Whitefox as it continues to expand its global presence, with BGW having scaled up from their Whitefox ICE® installation in 2021.
Bartosz Walkowiak, president of BGW, said: “By adopting a Whitefox ICE-XL system we can accept feed at high moisture content to achieve fuel grade ethanol and the flexibility to produce pharmaceutical grade in a single pass.
“This is a major breakthrough in our drive for continuous improvement delivering significant operational process benefits and reducing OPEX costs associated with reduced maintenance costs."
Tony Short, head of global sales at Whitefox Technologies, added: “BGW’s vision and entrepreneurial drive was clear for all of us at Whitefox from the early days of our association.
“We are delighted that together we have been able to design a solution that provides the necessary product flexibility to adapt to market conditions whilst at the same time engineering an efficient solution by reducing energy and operational costs. We congratulate BGW, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to explore market opportunities.”
Whitefox ICE-XL is a proprietary integrated solution which fully replaces the existing molecular sieves. It establishes continuous dehydration and reduces the energy consumption per gallon of ethanol produced. Through reconfiguration of existing distillations, the Whitefox ICE-XL solution reduces energy consumption by up to 50% - up to 7 carbon intensity (CI) points.
This not only reduces natural gas consumption by up to 8,000 BTU/gallon, but significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs.

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