Bertschi and Dow launch HVO sustainable transportation solution

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Bertschi and Dow Inc. have initiated a pilot for sustainable transportation, from the Netherlands to Italy, combining intermodal rail and biofuel-engine trucks. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone for both companies in their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Bertschi operates 90% of all European land transport via intermodal rail transport, reducing its transport emissions by 230,000 tons annually.
Focus has been placed on optimising the first and last-mile segments of the supply chain that are carried out by road and hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) stands out as a valuable substitute for traditional diesel.
Through the adoption of HVO for road transports in the supply chain, both Dow and Bertschi are proactively advancing environmental objectives while championing responsible logistics solutions.
The key advantages of integrating HVO into logistics operations include a notable reduction in emissions for the first- and last-mile by up to 90%.
"We are enthusiastic about the potential of HVO as a sustainable substitute for diesel during our first and last-mile road deliveries," said Santiago Gonzalez, managing director for Bertschi Liquids.
"This pilot programme strongly affirms our dedication to environmentally responsible practices, significantly enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of our logistics operations.”
Chloé Sanders, senior sourcing manager at Dow, added: "We firmly believe in the collective responsibility for sustainability. Initiatives like this pilot program exemplify our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a positive impact on the environment."
Through collaborative initiatives, Dow and Bertschi aim to not only pave the way for sustainable logistics practices but also inspire a broader industry shift towards a greener, more eco-conscious future.

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