Being at the heart of the energy transition

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Philipp Schoelzel, vice-president next generation biofuels, bp, outlines why he finds the complex world of biofuels a fascinating sector to work in.
What was your first job?
Within bp it was as a product scheduler at our Rotterdam Refinery for Light and Middle Distillates. Basically, I was managing day-to-day refinery production, imports and exports of oil products and supply into local and international markets. It was an exciting way to join the energy industry with a steep learning curve.
What interested you about the biofuels industry?
Biofuels is a complex and fascinating area to work in driven by the many different feedstocks, technology pathways and use cases for the final product. The compatibility with existing infrastructure and engines is a clear compelling advantage and biofuels provides a near-term solution to help address the energy transition.
What does a typical day consist of?
My time is pretty well balanced between external engagements with third parties to drive forward potential projects and partnerships – for example, looking at the next generation of biofuels...

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