BASF announce renewable methanol production

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The world’s largest chemical firm BASF announced that it has started the production of methanol based on renewable raw materials according to the biomass balance approach.

Named EU-REDcert-methanol, the product is made from second-generation raw feedstocks and uses waste as well as residual materials.

BASF claims that as a result of the methanol production, the final product reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 50% compared with conventionally produced methanol.

The product itself will be marketed to relevant consumers as well as used by BASF as an intermediate for other biomass balanced products.

It is recognised and certified according to the REDcert standard. The REDcert certification was founded by leading associations and organisations of the German agricultural and biofuel industry and proves the sustainable origin of the biomass used and the information on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The standard is also recognised by the European Commission under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).