Ayas Renewables to select final site for biodiesel conversion plant

Process technology company Ayas Renewables is in the final stages of selecting a site for a large-scale plant that will convert low-value waste biodiesel crude glycerol into high-value propylene glycol.

The facility will use the company’s patented vapour-phase process, which is based on research carried out by Dr. William Sutterlin, in collaboration with the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council.

"After more than ten years of conducting demonstrations, building pilot facilities, and fine-tuning our technology, we are very excited to be commercialising our process," said Joe McGrail, CEO of Ayas Renewables. "We are currently discussing long term glycerin supply contracts with a number of biodiesel and oleochemical producers in the US, South America and Asia and planning to source at least 200,000,000 lbs/year of additional crude glycerin."

An increase in the production of biodiesel in the US, spurred by calls to address the carbon emissions from the transportation sector, has created a surplus of glycerine, which is a by-product of processing.

Ayas Renewables’ conversion technology converts glycerine into very pure (99.9% purity) high-value bio-renewable propylene glycol, producing minimal waste and at a low cost.

Propylene glycol is a versatile and widely used chemical found in food, pharmaceuticals, paints, cosmetics and de-icing fluids, with a market for the chemical expected to reach $4.6 billion (€4.1 billion) by 2021.

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