Axens takes stake in BioTfuel as part of SAF production plan

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Axens has acquired a stake in the BioTJet project to build and operate the largest European sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production unit using the Fischer-Tropsch process and BioTfueL® technology.
This unit will be built in France and will be started up by 2027.
BioTfueL® is an advanced biofuel production technology using the thermochemical route, developed and proven within the framework of the eponymous project from 2010 to 2021. The BioTfueL® process, includes Gasel®, a technology suite licensed by Axens, used to produce high quality renewable fuels by the Fischer-Tropsch process.
Within the framework of the BioTJet project, Axens is surrounded by its partners, Elyse Energy, Avril, IFP Energies nouvelles through its investment subsidiary IFP Investissements, and Bionext, and is part of the European energy transition strategy in line with the ambitious objectives of decarbonization of the aviation sector.
Axens is supporting the development of the BioTJet project by becoming a shareholder and partner of the BioTJet project company.
Axens’ equity investment in an industrial scale project marks a key milestone for the commercial development of BioTfueL®.
The BioTJet project will make it possible to process a broad spectrum of lignocellulosic biomasses, which do not compete with food uses, in a chain combining torrefaction, gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, for the production of SAF and by-products such as sustainable naphtha.

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