Australia remained primary rapeseed supplier to the EU in 2022/23

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EU-27 rapeseed imports from non-EU countries exceeded the previous year's volume of 5.5 million tonnes coming in at 7.3 million tonnes.
This translated to a 33% rise while European soybean imports have fallen short of the previous year's level.
EU soybean imports declined to around 13 million tonnes in 2022/23. Brazil and the USA remained the most important suppliers, accounting for 41 and 40% of total soybean imports to the EU, respectively. Ukraine delivered 1.3 million tonnes, more than double the previous year’s amount of 435,000 tonnes.
Unlike soybean imports, imports of rapeseed grew significantly compared to the previous year. With regard to origins, two trading partners stood out - Ukraine and Australia. Australia was the most important trading partner in 2022/23, accounting for around 49% of the total imports.
Also, at 3.6 million tonnes, imports were up 24% on the previous year's level.
Ukraine delivered 3 million tonnes of rapeseed, which translates to a 40% share of total imports.
A year earlier, the EU had received only 1.6 million tonnes from Ukraine. Around 283,500 tonnes came from Uruguay, compared with only 9,000 tonnes a year earlier.

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