Arbor Renewables to start work on new biofuels plant

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Arbor Renewable Gas has selected a 53-acre site for its first renewable biofuel plant.
The Spindletop Plant is located in Beaumont, Texas, and was selected for its access to critical infrastructure and feedstock.
The plant will produce approximately 1,000 barrels per day of high quality “drop-in” renewable fuel.
The biofuel will be produced from woody biomass generated from the East Texas woodshed incompliance with the EPA rules under the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Once produced, the fuel will be shipped to consumers that require the fuel under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.
“The Arbor Gas team is extremely excited to build its first plant in the city of Beaumont,” said Timothy Vail, CEO of Arbor Gas. “Both the City of Beaumont and Jefferson County have been very welcoming and supportive of our development efforts.
“Just as the Spindletop area opened the door to the petroleum revolution in 1901, Arbor Gas and the City of Beaumont are reinventing the way transportation fuels are produced, and decarbonising transportation fuel for all consumers of gasoline.”
Construction of the Spindletop Plant will commence in the first quarter of 2022 with an expected completion date in late 2023.
Commercial production from the facility is expected to begin in early 2024.
Additionally, Arbor Gas has tentatively selected a site in Pasadena, Texas, for continued later expansion.

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