Amtrak replaces fossil fuels with renewable diesel

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Amtrak has replaced more than a million gallons of fossil fuel with renewable diesel in the past 12 months.
The company has began integrating climate resilience and sustainability design measures into capital projects and it has finalised plans to host its first clean energy generation facility.
“Passenger rail is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable modes of transportation, and we are taking steps to make rail even more attractive,” said Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner.
“The emissions reductions already met, and climate goals set forth in the annual report underline our commitment to providing customers safe and reliable travel while further reducing our already-low carbon footprint.”
Amtrak is on a mission to connect more people and places across America with plans to double ridership to 66 million by 2040.
To shift people out of cars and planes, the strategies within Amtrak’s Climate Commitment are improving sustainability and increasing resiliency to become a bigger part of the solution for addressing climate change.

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