Air China successfully completes SAF powered flight

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Air China successfully operated an Airbus A350 using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with a blending ratio of 10%.
This marked a positive milestone for the normalization of low-carbon flights, the airline said.
The use of SAF in Air China‘s low-carbon flight demonstrated the commitment of the aviation industry towards environmental sustainability.
By effectively reducing carbon emissions, this environmentally friendly fuel plays a crucial role in mitigating the adverse effects of air travel on climate change.
To further emphasise the significance of this achievement, the successful implementation of SAF in Air China’s flight highlighted the integration of Hangzhou into the global low-carbon aviation network.
As a city renowned for its technological advancements and commitment to sustainability, Hangzhou has positioned itself as a leader in environmental conservation and innovation.
The partnership between Air China and Hangzhou not only showcases the city’s determination to promote low-carbon initiatives but also signifies the government’s efforts to prioritise sustainable development. The collaboration serves as an example for other aviation companies and regions to adopt sustainable practices that can contribute to a greener future.

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