Agrisoma in Carinata production move

Crop company Agrisoma Biosciences has finished the first closing of its Series A financing round, expected to total $8 million through 2014.

Cycle Capital Management led the financing round, which included participation of BDC Venture Capital, one of Agrisoma's current equity investors.

Certified sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), Carinata is the world's first non-food crop, producing oil uniquely suited for biofuel production. Resonance Carinata is being commercially produced in the US and Canada and the oil has been used in the production of biodiesel, renewable diesel and biojet fuels.

The increased production of Resonance Carinata, used to fuel the world's first 100% renewable biojet fuel flight in Canada, is being sent to a number of areas around the world to meet the demand of sustainable biofuels.

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