Aerospace company Boom Supersonic to use sustainable aviation fuels in test programme

The company building the world’s fastest supersonic airliner, Boom Supersonic, has announced that is XB-1 test programme will be carbon neutral through the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and carbon offsetting.

Boom is the first commercial airplane manufacturer to commit to a carbon neutral test programme. The XB-1 is a supersonic demonstrator aircraft designed to prove in-flight the key technologies for safe, efficient and sustainable travel at supersonic speeds.

“Since Boom’s founding, we’ve been on a mission to make the world dramatically more accessible through supersonic travel,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom. “With our commitment to a carbon-neutral XB-1 test programme, we’re laying the groundwork for a sustainable supersonic future with Overture.”

In June 2019, Boom teamed up with Prometheus Fuels to supply carbon neutral jet fuel during the XB-1 test programme. Prometheus’ technology removes carbon dioxide form the air and uses clean electricity to convert it to jet fuel.

In January of the same year, Boom successfully carried out a series of ground tests of XB-1 engines using SAF. The tests, which were powered by a blend of more than 80% sustainable fuel, proved that XB-1 can safely use SAF in future ground and test flights.

“As a new entrant in aerospace, Boom is making sustainability a core tenet of our aircraft development programme,” added Raymond Russell, head of sustainability at Boom. “Thanks to today’s technology, supersonic travel is economically viable, and we are proud to ensure that it’s environmentally friendly as well.”

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