Advario to provide storage services for Neste’s SAF

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Advario Singapore has entered a long-term partnership with Neste to provide integrated storage and logistics services for Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
The agreement will enable the storage of SAF and Jet A-1 as well as the blending of SAF with jet fuel allowing Neste to supply SAF blends to airlines operating at Singapore Changi Airport and supply SAF to other markets.
Advario will provide bespoke storage and related logistics services to Neste to facilitate Neste’s SAF operations.
“SAF is a renewable fuel aligned with Advario’s strategic growth plans. Advario is strongly committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. The entry into SAF storage signals Advario’s ambition to play a frontrunner role in our industry’s transformation. The partnership between Advario and Neste enables both companies to accelerate Singapore’s transition into sustainable fuels and to take a leading role in the SAF storage and logistics in Singapore,” said Andres Bereilh, VP Southeast Asia of Advario Asia Pacific.
“Neste started up operations in our expanded Singapore refinery after mid-April, providing us up to one million tons of SAF production capability to serve our customers in the Asia Pacific region and globally. We are pleased to partner with Advario establishing the capability to blend our Singapore-produced SAF with conventional jet fuel. This enables us to supply our customers with certified SAF blends that can be delivered to airports across the Asia Pacific region.
“The blending terminal also forms a key element in Neste’s integrated SAF supply chain into the Changi airport where Neste, as a minority shareholder in the Changi Airport Fuel Hydrant Installation Company Pte Ltd (CAFHI), the fuel storage and infrastructure joint venture of the airport, is able to supply blended SAF directly to our airline customers,” added Sami Jauhiainen, acting executive vice president for the renewable aviation business unit of Neste.

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