A path toward sustainable Bio-Mobility

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With many climate action plans being implemented, additional immediate actions are needed to ensure the climate impacts do not become more dangerous and unpredictable. Some hard-to-abate sectors (e.g, cement, steel and transport) have proven to be particularly recalcitrant. Current efforts at climate mitigation are merely reducing the rate of GHG emissions. While taking carbon out of the environment will require technologies that are still under development it is necessary to deploy all the currently available technologies. Visit the pre-treatment process video link for more details.
How would you characterise the present cellulosic ethanol landscape?
The enormous environmental and social benefits of ethanol produced from cellulosic feedstock are undeniable. Cellulose is the most abundant molecule on the planet, it does not compete with food or feed, and has a high greenhouse gas (GHG) avoidance potential.
The use of cellulosic ethanol is also being incentivised by favourable government regulations and policies in the US and the European Union, amongst others. With these drivers in...

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