A new era for certified sustainable aviation fuel takes off

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A new, international global standard for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has been developed by Evident - a world leader in energy attribute certificates (EACs).
An agreement announced sees World Energy, the first commercial-scale producer of sustainable aviation fuel, become the earliest user for this global certification scheme for SAF, named Fly-i, marking a new era of transparency in green air travel.
Fly-i will work in a similar way to the procurement of renewable energy certificates (RECs), acting as a guarantee that an airline has purchased a certain proportion of sustainable fuel.
World Energy, the world's first commercial-scale producer of SAF, will be piloting Evident’s global registry as the immutable record for production-to-use-to-claim of its product through the Fly-i digital certificate.
Adam Klauber, vice-president sustainability and digital supply chain of World Energy, said:
“Our customers will trust Evident, with more than two decades as a registry host. Evident’s approach combines ease of use with robust safeguards. Fly-i eliminates double counting, provides verification with actual physical supply chain data, and avoids blockchain technology’s complications.”
Evident’s CEO Ed Everson said: 'We are finally tackling one of the biggest challenges in this climate crisis; making international travel greener. As flying is a huge part of our globally connected society, we must ensure that we are contributing to the roll-out and certification of cleaner fuels, such as SAF. We are delighted to welcome World Energy as the first fuel producer to adopt Fly-i, providing transparency to their customers across the aviation industry.”

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