USDA study highlights role of ethanol in GHG reduction

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A new study from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has highlighted the role of ethanol in significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US.

By 2022, the use of ethanol in fuel transportation in the US could reduce GHG emissions by up to 47% (compared to gasoline), the USDA claims. GHG reductions due to ethanol use are currently at 43%, with the USDA predicting a 4% rise over the next three years.

US biofuel trade association Growth Energy has welcomed the report. “This new USDA study further supports that ethanol is a win-win for all Americans,” said CEO Emily Skor.

“Higher ethanol blends provide not only tremendous health and environmental benefits, but economic benefits as well for rural America and our farmers. Our industry remains committed to cleaner fuel options for all drivers, and ethanol’s role in reducing GHGs is among the reasons why. We look forward to drivers experiencing these benefits and more when they soon have access to E15 year-round.”

The full USDA report can be accessed here.