US consumers reach E15 milestone: 8 billion miles

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US biofuel trade association Growth Energy announced that consumers in the country have surpassed 8 billion miles on E15 fuel, also known as Unleaded 88.

The fuel, which is blended with 15% renewable biofuel, is approved for all cars manufactured since 2001.

“With a surge in retailer adoption and terminal availability, we’re seeing steady growth in consumer adoption as exemplified by consumers passing 8 billion miles on this clearer-burning, engine-sound fuel,” said Mike O’Brien, vice-president of market development at Growth Energy.

“Supply of E15 into the fuel marketplace is a crucial step in further expansion, and our success with Prime the Pump has led to a steep growth in terminals offering E15 across the country. Our work with the nation’s leading independent retailers has put pressure on terminal to follow suit, causing a domino effect in their offering of E15 at their locations across most of the country.”

The availability of E15 at fuel terminals across the US has increased from five in 2017 to over 100 today.