New technology converts softwood residues into aviation fuel, ethanol

Credit: Sekab
Credit: Sekab

Clean-tech company SEKAB E-Technology has announced that its Celluapp technology, which uses softwood residues to replace fossil raw materials, is ready to be scaled up.

The technology platform converts softwood residues to sugar and lignin, which can then undergo further refining to produce ethanol and aviation fuel.

“In order to tackle climate change, Europe will need all available bioethanol that can be produced,” said Monica Normark, chemical engineer and Celluapp process manager at SEKAB. “Our technology is unique. Through using softwood residues, we can contribute to the phasing-out of fossil raw materials in Europe.”

According to the company, the technology is now ready for to be employed in biorefineries for large-scale production and is available by licence.

In addition to being used in the production of biofuels, the Celluapp technology has the potential to make bioplastics. These plastics are biodegradable in soil or water within two years, Normark added.

Credit: Sekab