Aemetis granted $5 million for Riverbank biorefinery

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Renewable fuels and biochemicals company Aemetis has announced that the California Energy Commission (CEC) has issued a Notice of Proposed Award (NOPA) for a $5 million (€5.6 million) grant to the company’s Riverbank cellulosic ethanol biorefinery.

California State funding through the CEC grant provides support for projects that aim to reduce air pollution, improve the environment and lower carbon emissions. The grant intends to support the state’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as California’s Central Valley chronic air pollution using Aemetis’ conversion of waste orchard wood.  

Chairman and CEO of Aemetis, Eric McAfee said, “This $5 million CEC grant supports the work essential to the construction of the Aemetis Riverbank plant to produce below zero carbon biofuels from waste biomass that could otherwise be burned.”