Dutch ministry implements biofuel into military aviation

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The Dutch Ministry of Defense announced plans that it will be gradually implementing biofuels into its aviation, Wings Herald reports.

In conjunction with the announcement, it also revealed that it has begun to purchase biofuels for an air base in Leeuwarden which will fuel all F-16 Fighting Falcon jets.

According to Wings Herald, the United States is also engaged in a gradual transfer of all ships and military aircraft to biofuel.

The report claims that earlier this month, 400,000 litres of biofuel produced by American supplier World Energy from kitchen fats, were delivered to the Leeuwarden air base.

Currently, all F-16 fighter jets that are assigned to the base fly on a fuel blend of 5% biofuel.

The Ministry of Defense’s goals surrounding alternative fuels are to ensure that by 2030 all military aircraft will fly on a 20% addition of biofuels, and by 2050, a 70% biofuel blend.

The final decision to transfer the fighter jets to biofuel arose from a successful series of tests conducted in 2018.