Finnair launches biofuel to offset CO2 emissions

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Finnair has announced its new service that allows customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their flights by supporting a CO2 emission reduction project. They will also be able to reduce emissions by buying biofuel.

In December of last year, the company announced it had begun the first phase of its CO2 and biofuel offset service, selecting the partners that will collaborate on the initiative.

Finnair CEO, Topi Manner said, “We want to offer the best solutions for responsible air travellers. Aviation has several positive economic and social impacts, and it is important that we work hard to build a more responsible air travel.”

Manner added, “Many important products we use in our daily life are transports by air cargo, air connections enable international trade and maintain relations, and travel industry is a key source of income and employment for many countries.”

Finnair customers will be given the option to support biofuel flights. Customers will be able to purchase biofuel for €10, €20 or €65, in a bid to reducing the emissions of a return flight in Finland, return flight within Europe or a return intercontinental flight. Using biofuel will reduce C02 emissions by around 60-80%, depending on what type of raw material is used.

The emission reduction project will also give customers the opportunity to support the use of more efficient cook stoves in Mozambique. The cook stoves aim to reduce charcoal consumption and deforestation.

For a return flight within Finland, the offset charge will be €1, a return flight within Europe will be €2 and a return intercontinental flight will be €6. The offset charges are based on the average emissions as well as the costs of reducing a C02 ton within the project.