365 million gallons of biodiesel produced by Iowa in 2018

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According to the Iowa Renewable Fuel Association (IRFA), 2018 has seen biodiesel sales increase as well as rebound from 2017.

The IRFA report that in 2018 a record breaking 365 gallons of biodiesel was produced by the 12 biodiesel plants in Iowa. Executive director of the IRFA, Monte Shaw said that this is largely due to the plummeting level of biodiesel imports following a verdict against Argentina and Indonesia for illegally subsidising imports to the US.

“In previous years American biodiesel producers struggled to compete against unfairly subsidized and dumped imports. This record breaking year of production proves that when the playing field is level, US biodiesel producers can successfully fulfil domestic demand.”  

The IRFA predict that Iowa biodiesel production is expected to make up almost 20% of total US production for 2018.

“We are extremely excited and proud of what was accomplished last year, but the fact remains we still have unused capacity. Iowa’s biodiesel plants are ready to grow and produce beyond expectations, and 2018 proved that when the law is enforced equitably they can do just that.” Shaw added.