Avril launches 100% biodiesel in France

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The European Union’s ‘largest’ biodiesel producer Avril has launched France’s first biodiesel-only fuel, according to Reuters.

Biodiesel is usually a blend mixed with fossil fuels but Avril claims that the ‘pure’ product, named Oleo 100, is less polluting and is built from French renewable crops.

According to Avril’s chief executive Jean-Philippe Puig, its aim is to produce ‘several hundred thousand tonnes’ of Oleo 100 per year, out of the firm’s total annual output of 1.5 to 1.6 million tonnes.

The fuel has been distributed to be used in vehicle fleets such as trucks and buses but not passenger cars. Avril claims that it will deliver to the respective companies directly.

“For the client it won’t change anything in their habits but for the industry it changes a lot because it is a new outlet for products coming fully from France,” Kristell Guizouarn, Avril director of sustainable development, told Reuters.