Virgin Australia delivers Australian first with supply of sustainable fuel

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Virgin Australia announced the completion of a trial to deliver biofuel through Brisbane Airport’s fuel supply system.

This marks the first time in the country’s history that sustainable aviation fuel has been delivered through a general fuel supply system and marks Brisbane Airport as one of the few airports across the world where this achievement has occurred.

According to Virgin Atlantic, because of the trial fuel supply, the biofuel has now been used to fuel 195 domestic and international flights from Brisbane, supplying more than 430,000km of global travel.

The biofuel in question, Biojet, meets recognised international quality and safety standards and contributes to lower levels of carbon emissions compared to traditional fossil jet fuel on a life cycle basis. It is sustainably sourced from sugarcane bagasse, molasses, wood waste and agave and is already in use at major airports in Oslo and Los Angeles.

“Virgin Australia is leading the way in the production and use of sustainable aviation fuel in Australia. We recognise that there is a great opportunity to develop a thriving sustainable fuels industry, which will help to reduce emissions and drive investment and jobs growth in Australia,” said Virgin Australia Airlines group executive, Rob Sharp.

“The successful completion of the trial at Brisbane Airport is the first important step in ensuring Australian airports and the fuel supply chain will be ready for the regular supply of sustainable fuels in Australia.”