Argent Energy appoints new CEO

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Major waste-based biofuel producer Argent Energy has announced the appointment of Erik Rietkerk as the company's new CEO.

Rietkerk takes over leadership of the company from Jim Walker, the former managing director. Rietkerk has joined Argent from Amsterdam Commodities, a listed trading company in the Netherlands. According to a statement, he’ll bring experience in growing and integrating mutli-asset operations and optimising process industry businesses in oils and fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel.

The news comes in the midst of a busy few weeks for Argent. Late in July it was announced that the UK based company had taken over the production assets of Biodiesel Amsterdam, as well as associated tank storage and tank cleaning facilities.

The deal came as part of a broader acquisition by Argent's parent company, John Swire & Sons.

Argent Energy is involved in large scale commercial biodiesel production in the UK. The company makes its green road fuel by recycling wastes and residues from other industries - specifically waste from the food industry and tallow from the meat industry. It has also pioneered the use of low grade waste fats and oils such as “fatbergs” from the UK’s water industry.